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Rotary Blower

Rotary Blower Introduction

Blower rotates eccentrically by the rotor offset in the cylinder, and changes the volume between the blades in the rotor groove to suck, compress and spit out the air. In operation, the pressure difference of the blower is used to automatically send the lubricating oil to the drip nozzle and drip into the cylinder to reduce friction and noise, while keeping the gas in the cylinder from returning. The HZ rotary blower has the advantages of low noise, small size, and low consumption. Its disadvantage is that it cannot provide a large flow rate. Generally, it is widely used in rural sewage treatment and mobile device matching.
Rotary Blower Applications :
Wastewater aeration
Mixing and aerating for waste water treatment  
Conveying papers in offset printing operations
Agitation and aeration for plating tanks and waste water
Air supplier for plastic welding and blowing
For mist spray of burner and in glass industry and others
Rotary Blower Advantages:
Compact, powerful air flow rate, low noise and economical energy consumption.
Stable operation, simple installation.
Resisting load changes, securing fixed air flow rate
Air chamber equipped for dispersing air smoothly.
Superior material, ingenious structure, remarkable performance
Simple maintenance, rare malfunctions, long lifespan

Rotary Blower Specification: 

The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order.

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