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Twin Lobes Roots Blower

Twin Lobes Roots Blower Introduction

Blowers work by drawing in air through an inlet and then against the system pressure forcing that trapped air out the outlet side. They are perfect for delivering reliably constant pressures, and the flow can be altered based on the operating speed.

All Roots blowers are of a compact, sturdy design engineered for continuous duty and maximum reliability. These blowers have a time tested lubrication system and an exclusive "figure-8" gearbox design improves oil distribution to the timing gears and lengthens bearing life.

Twin Lobes Roots Blower Advantages:

• Quiet operation up to 5 dBA reduction
• Highest quality materials and construction
• Flexible installation capability
• Available in various quiet sizes:
- Pressure to 15 psig
- Vacuum to -5000mbar
- Airflow to 150 cmm
Twin Lobes Roots Blower Application:

Widely used in sewage treatment, electric power, petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, steel, metallurgy,oxygen, cement, food, textile, grade, dust and back blowing, aquaculture, pneumatic conveying and other sectors.
 Twin Lobes Roots Blower General Specifications:

Pressure changes when system resistance changes.

Flow changes in little when pressure changes.

Medium is free of oil

The flow range is wide and it can be chosen conveniently by users.

Patent rotor profile to ensure reliable seal performance,high efficiency and energy-saving.

Variousmodel and type such as positive pressure,negative pressure,dry type,wet type,
one-stage or two-stage,Different seal type to meet the requirements of varied media.

Adopt imported bearings, gear 5 precision, main parts are processed by CNC equipment or
machining center

Twin Lobes Roots Blower Specification:

The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order.

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