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Multi-wing Low Noise Centrifugal Blower

Multi-wing Low Noise Centrifugal Blower Introduction

DF series multi-wing low noise centrifugal fans are low-noise, high-efficiency, large-flow , low-vibration , long-life span ,removable foot ,flexible mounting fans,they are novo design,small area occupy,easy to install and using,they can meet the requirements of modern environment protection.They are ideal equipments for air exhausting and dust-removal,air on condition in high-grade buildings,hotels,factories and mines vessels,basement etc.
1. High efficiency, low noise, large flow, small vibration, long life. The design is novel, easy to install, and flexible in use.
2. Fan impeller automatic punching machine blanking, mechanical insert, after the dynamic balance of strict correction, to reduce vibration, operation balance and be firm.
3. The motor is made of Y2 aluminum alloy die-casting material, greatly reducing the weight, convenient installation and beautiful appearance.
Multi-wing Low Noise Centrifugal Blower Application
It is widely used in the telecommunications,power,electricity,electronics,geology,coal mines,ships ,paper making,and other related industries, especially suitable for the cooling, temperature-control,ventilation functions in the plastic,packaging ,film blowing,printing machines, drying machine, cable machinery,underground facilities, and general ventilation ,etc.

Multi-wing Low Noise Centrifugal Blower Advantage:

Low noise, high efficiency, large air volume, high pressure, small vibration, long life, removable foot, flexible installation.

Fan impeller automatic punch blanking, mechanical insert, after the dynamic balance strict correction, reduce vibration, smooth operation, durable.

The motor is made of Y2 aluminum alloy die-casting material greatly reducing the weight, reaching lightweight, convenient installation, and beautiful appearance.

Widely used in telecommunication, electric power, electrical, electronic, geology, coal mine, ship, paper and other related industries.

Especially suitable for printing, plastic, packaging, film blowing, drying, cooling machinery and general ventilation

Multi-wing Low Noise Centrifugal Blower Specification:

The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order.

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