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Magnetic Drive Pump

Magnetic Drive Pump Application :
medical care,nuclear power,printing,pickling,fine chemicals, pesticides, electroplate ,smelt ,petroleum Weak acid, organic acid, weak alkali, low corrosive liquid, low corrosive medium containing micro particles

Magnetic Drive Pump Introduction:

CQ type magnetic drive pump , is the use of permanent magnets to achieve a non-contact indirect drive chemical process pumps, sliding inside and outside the magnet passes , magnetic intermediate isolation sets with liquid enclosed in isolation kit for static sealing on behalf of dynamic sealing , solve other mechanical pump can not be avoided run, run, drip, leak of ills. Apply to toxic , volatile, drain, transportation of flammable , explosive and precious liquid.

Magnetic pump with static seal instead of dynamic seal , the pump flow components are completely sealed , solve the other pump mechanical seal can not be avoided run, run, drip of ills. Magnetic pump corrosion-resistant , high-strength plastic , corundum ceramics , stainless steel as manufacturing materials , so it has good corrosion resistance, and can be transported medium from pollution.

Magnetic pump compact structure, beautiful appearance , small size, low noise , reliable operation, easy maintenance . It can be widely used in chemical , pharmaceutical, petroleum , electroplating , food , defense, scientific research institutions , metallurgy , dyes and other units pumping acid , lye , oils, rare and precious liquid , venom , volatile liquid , and circulating water equipment , filter matching. Particularly susceptible to leakage , easy , pumping fuel , explosive liquid. Explosion-proof motor , this pump is more ideal equipment.

Magnetic Drive Pump Advantage:

CQ series stainless steel magnetic drive pump is referred to as "CQ stainless steel magnetic pump". It adopts magnetic coupling transmission and has no dynamic sealing point, which prevents the phenomena of shaft seal of general shaft drive type pump from running, rising, dropping and leakage. The overcurrent parts are made of stainless steel.

CQ stainless steel magnetic pump is suitable for transporting inflammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, organic solvent and precious liquid in chemical industry, medicine, alkali making, coating and other industries.

The stainless steel magnetic pump has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, high efficiency and energy saving, high temperature resistance, high magnetic strength, full sealing, no leakage, low quiet vibration and can replace the import.

Magnetic Drive Pump Application :

medical care,nuclear power,printing,pickling,fine chemicals, pesticides, electroplate ,smelt ,petroleum Weak acid, organic acid, weak alkali, low corrosive liquid, low corrosive medium  containing micro particles

Magnetic Drive Pump Specification:

The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order.

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